zinc plating

Zinc plating is identical to electro-galvanizing in principle because both are electro-deposition processes. However, zinc plating is used on small parts such as fasteners, crank handles, springs and other hardware items ratherthan sheet metal. The zinc is applied as an expendable electrode in a cyanide, alkaline non-cyanide, or acid chloride salt solution. Cyanide baths are the most operationally efficient but can potentially create pollutionand are hazardous.
After alkaline or electrolytic cleaning, pickling to remove surface oxides, and rinsing, the parts are loaded into a barrel, rack, or drum and immersed in the plating solution. Various brightening agents may be added to the solution to add luster, but careful control is needed to ensure a quality product. Post-plating treatments may be used to passivate the zinc surface as well as impart various translucent colors or to extend the life of the coating.
Zinc plating is typically used for screws and other small fasteners, light switch plates, and various small parts that will be exposed in interior or mildly corrosive conditions. For use in moderate or severe environments,the materials must be chromate-conversion coated for additional corrosion protection.
Type of surface protective layer Abbreviated version Plating method Minimum salt spray time
White rust time Occurrence of red embroidery
(same thickness as 1i of plating layer)
5um 8um 12um
zinc plating ,Transparent passivation Zn//An//TO rolling plating 8 48 72 96
hang plating 16 72 96 120
zinc plating ,colorful passivation Zn//Cn//TO rolling plating 72 144 216 288
hang plating 120 192 264 336
zinc plating ,colorful passivation,Closed treatment Zn//Cn//T2 rolling plating 120 192 264 360
hang plating 168 264 360 480
Galvanized iron alloy, colorful passivation Zn Fe//Cn//TO rolling plating 96 168 240 312
hang plating 168 240 312 384
Galvanized iron alloy, colorful passivation,Closed treatment Zn Fe//Cn//T2 rolling plating 144 216 288 384
hang plating 216 312 408 528
Galvanized nickel alloy, colorful passivation Zn Ni//Cn//T0 rolling plating 120 480 720 720a
hang plating 192 600 720 721a
Galvanized nickel alloy, colorful passivation,Closed treatment Zn Ni//Cn//T2 rolling plating 168 600 720 722a
hang plating 360 720 720 723a
Galvanized iron alloy, black passivation,Closed treatment Zn Fe//Fn//T2 rolling plating 120 192 264 360
hang plating 168 264 360 480
Galvanized nickel alloy, black passivation Zn Ni//Fn//T2 rolling plating 168 480 720 720a
hang plating 240 600 720 720a
Galvanized nickel alloy, black passivation,Closed treatment Zn Ni//Fn//T0 rolling plating 48 480 720 720a
hang plating 72 600 720 720a



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