New energy vehicle "three power system" die-casting shell water cleaning solution

2022-07-22 14:37

The rapid development of the new energy vehicle market also brings new opportunities for the die casting industry. New energy vehicle motors, electronic controls, battery pack "three-electrical system" shells, and body structural parts require a large number of aluminum alloy die-castings. Therefore, this has created a new demand market for upstream and downstream enterprises in the die-casting industry chain. For example, in the field of die-casting cleaning equipment, waterway cleaning technology and solutions for the shell of the "three-electrical system" that is the core of new energy vehicles.

The "three-electric system" of new energy vehicles will generate a lot of heat when it is working, and it is necessary to discharge the heat in time to keep the "three-electric system", especially the motor, battery pack, and electronic control system within the normal temperature. Usually, the car factory will design a complex water circuit in the shell, and the heat will be circulated out through the cold water medium to make it reach a constant temperature.

Referring to the figure above, take the motor housing, electronic control housing, and battery pack housing as examples. If the waterway is not smooth, the motor cannot dissipate heat in time when it is working, which will lead to insufficient motor power, increased power consumption, and shortened motor service life. , in severe cases, the motor will be short-circuited or even "burned out". The battery pack and the electronic control system are not running well due to the lack of smooth water channels, which also causes the storage capacity of the battery pack to drop, and the electronic control components are rapidly aged or damaged. Therefore, how to keep the water channel of the "three power system" shell unobstructed and the water channel of the inner cavity clean requires good water cleaning technology and solutions.

Since the waterway of the "three power system" shell is in the inner cavity of the die casting, and the path of the waterway is curved and complicated, how to effectively clean the waterway is a complicated process.

Developed a feasible solution for the "three-electric system" shell waterway cleaning. Through the intelligent programming design, the exclusive tooling of the product is precisely positioned (positioning accuracy ±0.1mm), and then through the precise control of the water flow and pressure, the inner cavity is frequently impacted and cleaned, so as to achieve the purpose of thorough cleaning. Keep the cleanliness of particles in the inner cavity within 500um after cleaning, so as to solve the industry pain point that traditional ultrasonic waves and conventional spray modes cannot effectively clean the waterway.

It can be seen from the above processing flow that during each process and secondary processing, a large amount of oil, aluminum chips and dust generated in the inner cavity will be deposited in the cavity, and ineffective cleaning will cause dirt particles in the cavity to enter during the waterway operation. waterway system, thereby causing fatal damage to the waterway system.

Working principle diagram of inner cavity cleaning (for reference below):

In the general cleaning process, the pressure and flow generated by the water pump can be several times higher than that of the "three-electric system" cooling water system, so that the dirt in the cavity continues to flow out with the flow of water, and then passes through the combination of the valve body. Switching, forward and reverse impact cleaning in cleaning, and effective filtration by multi-stage filtration system to achieve the purpose of cleaning cleanliness. In order to reduce the labor intensity of manual labor, the device combines artificial intelligence and one-key operation mode to realize the cleaning of each process can be automatically completed after the product is put in, and there will be a reminder function after completion. According to reports, the device can also scan the code to store the product number, and the pressure and flow detection data storage function, thereby ensuring that each product reaches the qualified state.

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