which point should be paid attention to while use of alumininum die casting mold to extend tooling life?

2017-07-27 15:19

which point should be paid attention to while use of alumininum die casting mold to extend tooling life? In the use of aluminum alloy die-casting mold, the following points should be paid special atte

which point should be paid attention to while use of alumininum die casting mold to extend tooling life? In the use of aluminum alloy die-casting mold, the following points should be paid special attention to:
1. The cleaning of the mold’s parting surfaces. Cleaning is very troublesome, and is apt to be ignored. If you buy a good mold, the cleaning work will be much easier. However, if the mold is of poor quality, or if there are flashes or dirt on the parting surfaces which are generated during the production, the operator should take along a small craper knife and clean up these places frequently. If the flashes are not removed timely, the parting surfaces of the mold will be easy to collapse, which will result in aluminum outflow during production. Once this happens, even with the best mold repairer, the possibility of complete repair is very low. Aluminum outflow will not only result in increase the cost of die-casting and aluminum waste, it will also make the product quality unstable, especially the internal quality. Besides, aluminum outflow will increase the difficulty in the determination of processing parameters, reducing the pass rate. And for safety concerns, the rate of work-related injury will increase. At shift change, the operator should clean the parting surfaces of the mold thoroughly with kerosene. This can not only prevent the mold from being crushed, but also open up the air discharge ducts blocked by release agent residue or other dirt, which is conducive to the discharge of the air in the mold cavity in the shot phase and the improvement of quality. It is better for each team to clean the mold twice. Make the staff develop a good habit.
2. As each team takes over shift, it should make careful point inspection and solve problems timely when discover any problem, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble to themselves.
3. Usage of mold cooling system. With correct use of mold cooling water, it can extend the life of the mold and improve production efficiency. In actual production, we often ignore its importance. The operators do not connect the cooling water pipe for sake of their own convenience. When customize molds, some companies even give up cooling water to save costs, resulting in very serious consequences. Mold materials are generally made from dedicated mold steel through a variety of processing. Even the best mold steels have use limits, such as temperature. When under use, if the temperature of mold is too high, cracks will appear on the mold core surface too early. Some mold have a lot of cracks even when used no more than 2000 times. And some mold cores discolored during production because the mold temperature was too high. The measured temperature reached over 400 degrees. Under such temperature, the molds are easily to have cracks while encounter the chilling of release agent. And the finished products are easy to get deformed, strained and sticky. If use cooling water, use of release agent can be reduced greatly. Then the operator will not use the release agent to reduce the temperature of the mold. The advantages are to effectively extend mold life, save die-casting cycle, improve product quality, decrease sticky mold and strain, sticky aluminum and the use of release agent. And can also reduce losses of ejector pins and mold core caused by over-high mold temperature.
4. Molds must be preheated before production, which can prevent cracks resulted from cold mold suddenly encountering hot metal liquid. Complex mold can use blow torch or liquefied gas, or mold temperature controller if affordable. Simple mold can use slow shot to preheat. 5. If the mold is equipped with neutron flux measuring, then the signal lines between die casting machine and mold must prohibit attachment. The reason is clear, in daily production, it is difficult to avoid water appearing on the signal line, and the attachment place is easy to break, which will result in short circuit with the machine. If the signal gets wrong, the light consequence is the automatic shutdown of alarm, while the severe consequence is the signal gets disordered, and the mold damaged. So the travel switch should avoid water.
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