Core technology of die casting mould

2017-12-06 14:53

The core technology of Die casting mould is Gating system design technology.Gating system includes an ingate,overflow tank (slag package) exhaust. 一、Excellent mold design must be able to achieve the f

The core technology of Die casting mould is Gating system design technology.Gating system includes an ingate,overflow tank (slag package) exhaust.
一、Excellent mold design must be able to achieve the following indicators
1. mold can realize the high quality requirements of the product.
2. The mold can achieve the high rate of finished product in the effective time.
3. Mold can be achieved under normal production conditions to further improve life expectancy.
二、To achieve the above indicators, we must have the following conditions
1. The feed position setting is reasonable.Parameters can meet the technological requirements of the production of the die casting.
2. Feed size and form to successively, direction, and then point of concurrent, filling have accurate grasp.
3. The layout of slag and gas is accurate, smooth and efficient, and can play the role of adjusting the filling order.
If the design of the gating system can be a good grasp of the flow direction and state speed of the filling.Slag bag,Gas groove location All In Intersecting or filling in the place,Smooth excretion (slag can delay the delivery to avoid eddy current).Can let the filling resistance to a minimum, reduce energy consumption.A high probability of one molding.Without increasing pressure and speed to obtain qualified products, the rate of finished products is high.In the same way, it is also good for the life extension of the die and die casting machine.Therefore, the core technology of the die casting die is the design technology of the casting system.
三、In order to have the above conditions, the design engineer needs to meet the following requirements
1. Be familiar with the process of die casting and the determination of its parameters.
2. For various forms of flow channel fill effects have to be very understanding.
3. Mastery of the skills in the sequence of the flow to the feed.
4. To master the overflow tank (slag package) to populate the intersection position and order of the skills
5. Through the analysis of the characteristics of the product structure, the best filling scheme can be determined.
The feed form determines the filling state (including direction, dispersion, or concentration, etc.),However the form of the runner is the determinant of the order of feed order,As long as we are familiar with the basic form of feed and transverse runner and understand its possible effect, combined with the analysis of zero structure and wall thickness variation characteristics, we can determine the basic process parameters, and then add the ingenious setting of slag bag and exhaust, we can design high quality gating system.
High level mold design, not only can greatly meet the requirements of customer product life, die life and cost control. Moreover, the manufacturing enterprise itself will reduce the cost and improve the efficiency because of the high success rate.

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