Advantages Of The FARO QUANTUMS ARM Measurement Tool

2019-02-26 13:16

Recently, INNOVAW introduced a FARO QUANTUMS ARM to meet customers' strict quality control standards for highly accurate inspections.

  Recently, INNOVAW introduced a FARO QUANTUMS ARM to meet customers' strict quality control standards for highly accurate inspections.



  INNOVAW manufactures various casting parts which is widely used for automotive, medical, heavy machinery industries and etc. Many kinds of products with different shapes and dimensions are available.


  FARO QUANTUMS ARM extremely flexible measuring arm enables us to control different production process and complex inspection tasks perfectly. The quick installation of the chuck allows it to be easily installed on any workshop. So that itcan realize full-scale measurements such as locating holes and locating surfaces, then provides brighter and better accurate images.Through building complete positioning benchmark data, we know  more product details. 


  By 3D laser scanning, we can quickly know the deviation of product at any point; it is faster and easier than CMM.Provide better and more accurate products for our customers!

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