Application of industrial CT in aluminum alloy friction stir welding and brazing inspection

2023-12-05 16:11

New energy vehicle battery cold plates, motor casings, heaters, Pack boxes, battery trays, electronic control boxes, special-shaped covers and other parts are widely used in friction stir welding and brazing, providing a solution for large or complex parts. A cost-effective manufacturing option while maintaining tight tolerances and a strong bond, welding also enables joining low-weight, high-strength materials that are difficult to weld using traditional methods. After the welding is completed, the detection of welding quality has become a crucial link. Currently, various detection methods are being tried to find a convenient, effective, intuitive and high-precision detection method. X-ray (industrial CT) in non-destructive testing ), ultrasonic (C-scan) testing jumped out.


With the continuous development of industrial manufacturing technology, the demand for industrial CT in the aluminum alloy welding inspection market will continue to increase. In the future, with the continuous advancement of industrial CT technology and the reduction of costs, the application of industrial CT in aluminum alloy welding inspection will be more extensive. Industrial CT has broad application prospects and huge market potential in aluminum alloy welding inspection. By promoting industrial CT technology, it can promote the modernization and intelligence of aluminum alloy welding inspection, improve production efficiency and product quality, and contribute to the development of industrial manufacturing. strength. You are welcome to provide samples and discuss more suitable testing solutions together.


The following cases illustrate that compared with other detection methods, industrial CT has the advantages of being intuitive, high-precision, and capable of quantitative analysis.


Case 1.

waterway port

The X-ray picture of the port port is blurry, the structure overlaps, and the welding part is completely unclear; while the CT slice picture can clearly distinguish the internal structure and mutual cooperation as well as the quality of the welding

Case 2.


Runner plate


Slice analysis chart of flow plate welding conditions; industrial CT generates high-quality images, and by processing the images, the internal structure and defects of aluminum alloy welding parts can be accurately evaluated.

Case 3.


water cooling plate


The X-ray view of the water-cooled plate in three directions can detect whether the water-cooled plate has cracks, too much (less) material, inclusions, one-way deviation and other defects. It cannot see the internal details, and cannot distinguish the welding condition and the position and size of the internal structure. situation, and in the CT slice diagram, the welding situation, bonding status and size can be clearly seen;

To sum up, industrial CT has the advantages of easy operation, high precision, strong intuitiveness, and more reliability in aluminum castings and welded parts. However, most customers are deterred by the high price. In recent years, domestic industrial CT has sprung up like mushrooms after a rain. , and because of full competition, prices have also dropped significantly, and prices have gradually become more affordable. Nowadays, the price of domestic industrial CT is equivalent to the price of a high-end X-ray flaw detector.


There are many application scenarios for industrial CT, and the market is vast. The technical parameters of product CTs of various materials and structures are also different. Industrial CT manufacturers also target different markets. Kunshan YFonda Precision Instrument YXFORD Co., Ltd. is one of the many domestic industrial CT manufacturers. , the company is positioned to develop, produce, and sell X-ray flaw detection and industrial CT related to aluminum alloy casting and welding products. Its single research direction has made it relatively mature in aluminum alloy casting and welding inspection technology, with precise cost control, client use and after-sales low cost.

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