Applications of Aluminum Low Pressure Die Casting

2023-12-14 14:28

Aluminum Low Pressure Die Casting

Low-pressure casting products are widely used in the automotive industry, electronic equipment, industrial machinery and other industries, with the characteristics of high precision, surface smoothness and thin-walled castings: Suitable for some applications with higher size requirements. In low-pressure casting, the metal fills the mold at lower pressure, so a smooth, uniform surface quality is achieved. The metal is filled under lower pressure, and low-pressure casting is suitable for producing some thin-walled castings. In the automotive industry: Low-pressure casting is often used in the manufacture of automotive parts, such as automotive engine parts, transmission housings, etc. Electronic equipment: Because low-pressure casting can produce high-precision parts, it is widely used in electronic equipment, including computer casings, power adapter casings, etc. Industrial machinery: Some industrial machinery and equipment require parts with high precision and strength, and low-pressure casting is also used to produce these parts.


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Laser cut sensor aluminum die cast parts

2023-11-17 16:23

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